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Review Whirlpool Dishwashers Including Popular Gold Dishwasher Range

This page contains information on the Whirpool range of dishwasher appliances.

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Whirlpool Dishwashers

whirlpool dishwasher

Quiet Partner 1 Series

$350 to $800

Key Features Dishwasher Type Built-in
Control Type Electronic
Number of Wash Cycles 4 Cycles
Place Settings 14
Food Disposer With Food Disposer
Sound Insulation With Sound Insulation
Other Features Door Integration Semi Integrated
Adjustable Rack Height Without Adjustable Rack Height
Performance Features Energy Efficiency Rating Energy Star
ENERGY STAR Qualification Yes
Dimensions Depth 24.5 in.
Height 34 in.
Width 23.88 in.

“When shopping for a dishwasher, we tried our hardest to find an American made product. Discovered that was almost impossible. This one had components made in the US and Canada, which was acceptable. We have had the dishwasher for six months, it is used at least once per day and I have nothing but good things to say about it. The utensil basket is in the door, which frees up the entire bottom basket for large pots, pans, lids and dishes. I wash all of my plastics in the dishwasher as well and have never had them shrink or melt in this particular dishwasher. I have inserted items with dried, stuck on food and ran the high temperature cycle. I did not really expect it to get the dishes spotless, but was rather surprised at the results. The dishwasher is also as quiet as promised. Before I bought the dishwasher, I read reviews that listed negatives and will agree there are issues that might be considered unfavorable. This dishwasher does take a VERY long time to run through a cycle; I am talking hours. I have not noticed a difference on the electric bill though. It also uses a lot of Jet Dry which I am not sure I like all that stuff on my dishes.”

“My Viewpoint:  The Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher is an amazingly effective, efficient and reasonably priced dishwasher.  My favorite features about this dishwasher are the: high energy star rating (only lower by a little compared to dishwashers with much higher prices) quiet wash function (it is so quiet that sometimes I don’t even know I have turned it on!
the ability to choose from different cycles
the fill signal for the rinsing agent:  there is a measure that shows you if your rinsing agent is full or empty, and you can actually see it move down as it is used. Every few days I can see a difference. Now I don’t have to wonder if it is time to put more rinsing agent in.
Sparkling clean dishes:  I mean really really clean. Even on those nights when I am lazy and don’t rinse them so well. I simply choose a higher setting and they come out beautifully. No food sticking to the dishes, the glasses shine and I have yet to have to wash something all over again.
What I don’t like about the Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher is such a small matter. It is the utensil tray.  It can be placed in two positions.  If I place it on the bottom rack of the dishwasher it takes up too much of my wash space.  The other position is to lie it flat as it fits in and attaches to the door. This makes loading and unloading awkward, but not enough to cause me to even take a star away.  I have simply starting pulling the entire tray out to put the utensils away  nd it actually goes much faster this way.
I have been very pleased with the Whirlpool Quiet Partner 1 Dishwasher, and with all the people and entertaining we do in our household it has definitely held up to the challenges of clean and sparkling dishes as well as being quiet and energy efficient, and by a name brand I trust.  One last mention, it isn’t as expensive as many other that have the same features — so what’s not to like?”

whirlpool dishwashers

Quiet Partner II

Features 4 options including Turbowash
Built In
Built-in Food Disposer
Electronic Controls
Energy Star Rated
Push Button Controls
energy efficient
tableware basket on door

“If you want a simple dishwasher that works well, is quiet and cleans your dishes without a lot of fuss, the Quiet Partner II is the one for you.  The cost associated with this dishwasher is reasonable and it does the job of washing dishes without a lot of effort (pre-washing).  If you don’t need a lot of features or a stainless steel front, the Quiet Partner II provides what you need without breaking the bank.”

“I have a whirlpool dishwasher with the quiet partner II package.  This machine is so quiet I have to check it to make sure it is working.  Our last dishwasher had to run at night or when no one was home because it was so noisy.  This Whirlpool dishwasher is awesome.  It does a great job (as long as you don’t over load it,LoL).”

whirlpool gold dishwasher

Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher

Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner III

Product Features Built-in Food Disposer
Electronic Controls
More than 6 Cyles
energy efficient

“The Whirlpool Gold Quiet partner is a very good dishwasher.  I have to say that I like the way that the compartments are arranged inside.  It has a stylish looking exterior that only enhances the look of the kitchen.  I can’t say that i know the horse power of the unit, although it is a energy star product, which I am pleased about.  I feel that the Whirlppol Gold has the power to give your dishes a good cleaning.  I have yet to have a problem of any finding any residue on anything that I have put in the dishwasher. That was a problem I had with my previous dishwasher. The Whirlpool Gold Quiet partner is just that..quiet.  I was suprised at just how quiet the dishwasher runs.  Its nice to have the dishwasher running and be able to do other things without any annoying noise coming from the dishwasher.  I would have no problem recommending the Whirpool Gold Quiet Partner to anyone looking for a great dishwasher.  I do not think that you will be dissapointed.”

“I love my Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner III dishwasher.  Immediately after installation (which by the way my handy husband was able to do with ease) I was impressed by the quiet – the noise I didn’t hear when the dishwasher was running.  The name is definitely indicative of the product!
There are many great benefits to this dish washer.  First of all, the dish holders can be laid down, allowing room for large items such as mixing bowls or casserole dishes!  I love this feature which makes the dish washing machine very versatile.  This same feature is also present on the top rack, although I do not use it as frequently.
When I purchased this machine, I looked at many other products that had stainless steel tubs, but the salesperson actually recommended against those tubs because they really didn’t add as much benefit to the product as they did dollars to the cost!  Therefore, I chose the machine that has a grey tub and have been very happy with it.  It doesn’t stain, like my old white tub did so my dishwasher doesn’t look dingy on the inside!
Something else that I like about this dishwasher is that the utensil holder is in the door, which maximizes the usable space for the drawers!  However, the one drawback to this is that sometimes food gets trapped in the utensil holder, if the plates aren’t scraped well.
Speaking of scraping, if I use this machine on the Pots & Pans Cycle, I don’t have to scrape or rinse at all and everything comes perfectly clean.
This dishwasher also has a sani-wash cycle that I like to use when someone in the home is ill!  I don’t really know that it makes the washed dishes anymore sanitary than when used in a regular cyce, but it reassures my mind a little to hope that I am not spreading germs among my family!
Another thing that impresses me about this particular dishwasher is the large capacity it can handle.  I have had other dishwashers that claimed to be able to handle twelve place settings, but this one really will!  I love that I can have a house full of visitors and wash all the dishes at once, rather than having to wash some by hand while the dishwasher finishes the others!
Also, I have never had a problem with dishes clanging together and chipping or breaking in this machine as I have had with other dishwashers, and everything comes out sparkling clean!
Another great benefit of this machine is the fact that it conserves water!  My water bill actually dropped several dollars after installing this dishwasher!  As a consumer who is trying to be eco-friendly, I am impressed by the little amount of water this machine uses!  Also, the fact that I can tailor my wash cycle to a specific need (i.e. just glass ware or pots and pans, etc.) means that I can control the amount of water and electricity used!  A benefit that I am proud to use frequently!

This dishwasher is definitely worthy of recommending to others!  I have had my dishwasher for almost a year and have no complaints at all with it!

whirlpool dishwasher review

Model: DU945PWSQ

Built In
Built-in Food Disposer
Push Button Controls
energy efficient

“Here are the specs:  Extra large capacity tub, Power cleanTM wash system Hard food disposer, no pre-rinsing Quiet Wash III sound package, 5 cycles, Pots & pans cycle, Quick wash cycle, 4 options High temp wash option, and AnywareTM silverware basket. The delay wash is only 4 hour, and the top rack always pulls out the bottom rack too which is annoying. However I went from having no dishwaher for a family of 6 to having one. It gets my dishes clean, is fairly quiet, and even though it is not energy star complient it has saved me atleast $10 a month in my water bill. I have not seen any changes in my electric bill. So I would reccomend this to any friend.”

Whirlpool Dishwasher UK Model Ranges

Whirlpool ADP5740

Whirlpool ADP range

Available in white, black and stainless steel with prices from 250 to 420pounds

“A shock to my regular readers, I know, but as comes with growing up, I decided to change my lifetime habits and clean up my act a little.
For well over 13 years I have been a heavy duty, hardcore scrubber, and upon reaching the ripe old age of 29 last December (and now approaching the big 3.0.with much speed!), decided it was time for change.

And, as in all usual tales of lifestyle changes, I have not looked back since.
The Philips Whirlpool Dishwasher has become one of the most relied upon and useful appliances in my house, never mind the kitchen.

The price I paid for this drawer dishwasher (£350) was way above its usual selling price (£199) as I purchased it from an unscrupulous ‘we give credit to those with no/bad credit history’ stores that I won’t bother naming – to do so would give them free advertising they simply don’t deserve!
To say that having a dishwasher makes an improvement to your lifestyle is an understatement – especially if you like to cook/entertain a lot or have kids at home.

A normal kitchen clean up including getting the dishes done is reduced from approximately 1/2 hour minimum to 10 minutes maximum!
But enough of the virtues of having a dishwasher, any dishwasher, here are the real selling points of why I would wholeheartedly recommend a Whirlpool Dishwasher…

The Whirlpool Dishwasher slots nice and snugly into a 20 inch wide kitchen space, and is the same height as standard size kitchen units (the usual white formica ones that come as standard in most council/local authority owned housing!)

The Dishwasher is plain white, and has no other colour options. The top of the dishwasher has a smooth easy wipe surface similar to kitchen surface tops, and if you have white kitchen units, blends in nicely. As the dishwasher is the same height as most kitchen units, this makes the appearance of the dishwasher unobtrusive and will not break up the worksurface space.
The front of the dishwasher has rounded curves at the top and bottom, with no sharp edges which gives it a modern appearance. There is a handle hollowed out of the top of the front (door) which is invisible from view.
At the top left of the front (door) is a knob about the size of a round 50 pence piece which is to select the wash programs with. Alongside the knob is a clear grey plastic button that has been set into the door (so it’s not sticking out but lies flat). This is the on/off button.

This dishwasher officially holds 12 place settings, but I have managed to fit in more (roughly 14) with a bit of jigging around! The top and bottom dish racks have a facility to lower or heighten them so that awkward sized/shaped items can be fitted in easily and securely. A removable double cutlery rack is included on the lower rack which holds at least 10 of each piece of cutlery (10 forks, 10 spoons etc).
Along both sides of the top rack are glass holders which can be folded away along the side of the dishwasher should they not be needed. These are ideal for holding delicate lightweight glasses in place during a wash cycle.

There are four different wash options on this machine, dependant on your particular needs.
1. Pre Wash. This is used for really heavily soiled dishes before a main wash, such as those used for a Sunday Roast or really greasy/baked on food dishes. The Pre Wash is also ideal for quickly rinsing out really lightly soiled stuff, like a whole load of glasses/drinks beakers.
2. Quick 30. This is a 30 minute rapid wash, suitable for lightly soiled dishes or small loads only. When I first got the dishwasher I made the mistake of putting in a full load of dishes, pots etc only to find food left on after the wash had finished.
3. Eco 50. This is a 50 degrees wash designed for normal to heavy soiling but without using a really hot temperature. This wash will handle most everyday loads but may struggle to manage really baked on foods.
4. Everyday 60. This wash is most often used in my home. It is a 60 degree thorough, long wash that will clean any and everything, no matter how many dished are loaded inside the dishwasher!

This dishwasher has two inside compartments for dishwashing detergents, both of which are flat against the inside of the door. One is for detergent, and the other is for rinse aid. As well as there being a rinse aid indicator on its compartment, if the detergent or rinse aid becomes depleted, the flap of its compartment will flap open so that you know!
There is a salt container inside the dishwasher on its floor. This also contains an indicator to show you when salt needs to be added.
However, many modern dishwashing detergents contain all three necessary ingredients in one so only one compartment may need to be used (the detergent compartment).

This Dishwasher comes a cold water fill only washer, this means the dishwasher itself heats the water it needs, which is cheaper and more economical than using hot water from your own supply.
There is an easy clean/removable filter located on the floor of the dishwasher which simply unscrews and can be rinsed out and replaced easily. It is not tight or fiddly.

When this dishwasher is in operation, the door will not open until it has drained itself. There is no risk of a child pulling it open mid cycle.
The on off switch also lights up once a wash has finished so that you know when it is ready to open.
As a general dishwashing rule, it is always wiser to wait for a full load unless using a light programme. Dishwashers can be quite draining on your electricity supply compared to say a kettle or washing machine.

However I for one am fully prepared to pay a little more and have an extra 20 minutes of non-kitchen cleaning time.
The features on this dishwasher are perfectly adequate to suit all domestic users needs, as is its capacity. The buttons and changeable features are all smooth and easy to use – nothing is too tight to budge or fiddly to operate. My children can now load and use this machine with ease!

(Even less cleaning time for me there folks!!..)”

ADG series

Whirlpool ADP Range

Available in white, black and stainless steel with prices from 300 to 500pounds

Whirlpool ADG644
Dimensions (cm) (H)82.0 x (W)59.7 x (D)57.0
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year(s)
Energy Rating A Rated
Wash Performance B Rated
Drying Performance B Rated
Number of Place Settings 12 Place Setting
Number of Programmes 4
Number of Wash Temperatures 3
Noise Level 54 dB
Water Consumption 19 Litres
Energy Consumption 1.24 Kwh
Furniture Door Required Yes
Adjustable Racking No
Anti Flood Devices Yes
Glass Care / Delicate Programme No
Pre Rinse Yes
Quick Wash Yes
Auto 3 in 1 Detection No
Half Load / Zone Wash Option No
Audible End of Programme No
Height Adjustable Top Basket No
Child Safety Lock No
Control Panel Type Mechanical
Time to End of Programme No
Rinse Aid Indicator Yes
Salt Level Indicator Yes
Cutlery Basket Yes

“We bought this dishwasher in October 2006. We were looking for a very quiet integrated machine, and many were a lot more expensive. I had some reservations about the brand as they havent had the best customer service ratings in the past, but it has been fine.

We had some problems installing it as the fixings shown in the instructions were not obvious on the machine, but the helpline were greast, took the details and a service engineer called back promptly and explained that the fixing points had changed and where to locate them.
The controls are simple, and easy to use, and generally cleaning results are excellent. The range of wash programs is good too – though the economy setting is a VERY slow cycle – 3 hours!

So far it has worked perfectly, it is very quiet, and generally I have no complaints about it, so for the money it was a bargain. My only niggle is that the layout of the baskets is not as good as some models, and the cutlery basket is huge.. often I wish it was a bit smaller so I could get extra pans in, or perhaps in 2 sections so you could use just part of it.”

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Whirlpool Dishwasher Review

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