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Viking Dishwashers

Viking Dishwasher DFUD041

Viking Designer Series DFUD041 (Premium) Built-in Dishwasher

Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Number of Wash Cycles: 4 Cycles

“Ok, so this dishwasher is supposedly made by Asko with a Viking door on it.

I haven’t had any problems with mine after several months, everything works great, it is extremely quite and really cleans dishes well. Was easy to adjust properly in all planes and to secure to cabinet. I like the sound insulation and the check-valve on the discharge hose”

“looks good on the outside. Inside is different story. the racks are not user friendly. the knife holders come apart.
the drying system leaves pots and pans,and plastic items wet. It is not energy efficient. the worse dishwasher I ever had. not worth the money.”

Viking Dishwashers VUD040

Viking Professional Series VUD040 (Premium) 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

Viking VUD040 quiet clean dishwasher is one of the most silent and efficient dishwashers in the world. Dual motors, multi-level wash system, and triple filtration clean dishes much more thoroughly than traditional household units.
Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Rotary Dial
Number of Wash Cycles: 5 Cycles
Height: 35 in.
Width: 23.94 in.

“Because it was going next to a Viking range, we chose this dishwasher – and we’ve paid for that. It holds very little and I find myself running it three times when we have a dinner party. It takes forever to do the job and heat spills out even hours after the cycle is done (perhaps 45 minutes or more).

Mostly it cleans okay, but it’s a costly machine and we’ve had problems with repairs. The door latch can break. And repairs are expensive.

Dishwashers aren’t the kind of appliance you can try in the store so it’s important to find out what you’re getting, which is why I decided to write this review after having the machine for several years.

It’s attractive, to be sure, but that may be its only plus. It does offer choices of heat levels, whether to dry or not, and you have three settings in terms of light wash, normal or pots and pans. Dishes generally get clean and it’s quiet enough, but I’m sure there are other dishwashers that hold more and are more reliable.”

“Would NOT buy a Viking dishwasher again or suggest anyone else buy one. Viking makes GREAT ranges and hoods, we love ours. However the VUD040 was NOT properly installed by BEKINS APPLIANCE (GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN) who continues to provide POOR service with tech’s who do not seem trained or even care. As for the dishwasher, the wheels on the lower track and the upper track system continues to fail. We keep spending money on replacement parts and VIKING’s Customer Service HAS NOT STOOD BEHIND IT. They just keep saying buy the replacement parts. This unit is 5 years old and has done on anverage 7 load of dishes per week”

Viking VUD141

Viking Professional Series VUD141 (Ultra-Premium) 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Rotary Dial
Number of Wash Cycles: 5 Cycles
Depth: 24.25 in.
Height: 35 in.
Width: 24 in.

“I have the Viking Professional Series VUD141SS dishwasher in stainless steel with the brass trim option. I purchased this dishwasher mainly because it is located about 24 inches from my Viking range in stainless steel with brass trim and I wanted it to match. I’ve had it for almost 2 years now and have had no problems with it at all. We have a family of four so it is used every day. It has a really nice set of features. The features I like best are:
1) Interior light. When you open the door a light comes on and illuminates the entire interior. A very nice feature that I’m surprised isn’t more common with other brands.
2) Selectable water heating (140 degrees, 165 degrees or no heat). I leave it on 165 degrees most of the time and it cleans just about anything, but for more delicate items or some plastic items I set it to 140 degrees to avoid melting and/or damage.
3) The convection forced hot air drying. This dishwasher does an outstanding job at drying the dishes due to its convection drying feature. It actually has a fan that blows fresh air onto the heating elements and then circulates the dry heated air throughout the dishwasher. A vent opens up to discharge the moist air. You can actually see the moist steam coming out of the vent located at the bottom-front of the dishwasher during the dry cycle. With the exception of some items that collect water, due to concave shapes, this gets everything completely dry.
5) Cutlery holder on top. It has a convenient place built-in to the top of the tub to put large knives or other long flat utensils.
6) The easy to clean filter basket that almost never needs cleaning. I check the filter every few months and I’ve had to clean it probably twice in the 2 years that I’ve owned it. Usually there is nothing at all in it. The times that I actually had to clean it, it was as simple as shaking it off into the trash.
7) Practically sound-less operation. My old GE dishwasher was so loud that we couldn’t hear the TV in the living room if it was running in the kitchen. This dishwasher is so quiet that you can’t tell whether or not it’s running without looking at the position of the timer knob.
8) Built well. Stainless steal inside and out.
Now with all of that said, I’m not sure that you couldn’t get an equally nice, feature rich, dishwasher from ASKO (who makes these dishwashers for Viking) for less money. Basically if I understand it correctly ASKO manufactures the dishwasher and Viking makes the door. If the ASKO branded dishwashers were a little more esthetically pleasing I would definitely have gone with ASKO and saved a few hundred dollars.
All and all, the Viking is an excellent dishwasher even if it may be a little over priced.”

“Viking Professional makes very expensive appliances that have a reputation of being very upscale and in nice houses. Our kithen has 100 percent of its major appliances as vikings and from the experience I can say that the vikings are more hype than what they actually deliver. Lets focus on this dishwasher though. The dishwasher is stainless steel and extremely attractive with chrome accents and black heavy duty knobs. The dishwasher has many modes for wahsing dishes in such as china, pots and pans, and normal wash. There is also a plate warm feature which is supposed to be luxurious as you can warm your guest’s plates for a better dining appeal. The size is ample and I find that the utensil area is not that small and hols all of my utensils perfectly. There is a mini drawer at the type for things such as large knives or spoons that you don’t want to put in the regular utensil area. The size is averag. I have seen some dishwashers where the utensil storage is on the door and that gives you more room for plates buut I find the viking’s space good enough. The top wrack is average however the sides are slanted towards the walls which I thought was a nice feature with a mini bar segregating that area from the rest of the top rack so the glasses won’t fall over as easily. On an ordinary dishwasher there would just be the long wires sticking up where you can put the glass over the wire. The viking certainly does have some luxurious aspects to it. There is also a light inside for just an added feature that helps convince that you actually got what you paid for! Even though the dishwasher sounds nice it does have some issues that definitely need to be resolved. First of all on of the wires from the top mini drawer area completely rested and bent downward! Therefore, sometimes the top regualr drawer will get stuck and not close until you position it just right so that it will close. The edge where it rusted is very sharp and can cut you. Another problem is that some part broke that keeps te regular top rack from falling opne because it may have been closed with the slightest too much of force. This was angering because I have not seen this happen on ordinary dishwashers. Viking wanted $150 for a tiny spring. It isn’t that bad so we just deal with it. As far as sound is concerned. It is your average sounding dishawasher but maybe a little bit quieter. These problems should not have occurred on such a high-end product. Overall, I would recommend viking products because they are high class and very attractive. I will review on the rest of the viking products soon enough. But overall I do believe the viking is pure hype but one of those things you have to have so, Yes! If you are considering it, Go for it and good luck! If there is anything I left out let me know and I will be glad to update. I hope this review helped you make an informed buying decision.”

Viking DFUD140

Viking Designer DFUD140 Built-in Dishwasher

Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Number of Wash Cycles: 4 Cycles

“This drawer dishwasher has some major problems First the door has a problem closing. You literally have to slam it shut. Second, it detaches from your cabinets and it must be reattached. Third, the key pad has serious problems. It opens up and the machine shuts down. Two repairmen have actually looked at my nails and told me to only use the ball of my finger and very carefully. (the new models have buttons). Fourth, the machine does not adequately dry your dishes. Fifth, the soap dispenser gets stuck and doesn’t open. When the repairman fixes it, it is good for about two months and it happens again. Sixth, the baskets are not user friendly. You have to force your oddly shaped items into the existing configuration or you are out of luck. Seventh, once the keypad goes and the soap dispenser goes then the electrical system starts to break down and the machine refuses to run. A member of our family received an electric shock from the machine and then the machine died. I have written reviews about this before but I can’t find them on this site anymore.

I’ve had it with Viking. Their appliances look nice but they are horrendous.”

“This dishwasher works great…cleans better than any we’ve had. The problem is the control panel….it needs a redesign sinnce viking basically acknowledges a material problem. After about a year, the warranty period, the control panel strip cracks. Viking did replace but with the same one, and at around $200 per part, who can afford that yearly.
Additionally the latch mechanism is fritzy….if you slam the door will work fine.
Lastly, the stainless steel face is very heavy and has some really sharp corners…everyone in the family has cut their leg.”

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Viking Dishwasher

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