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Haier Dishwasher Reviews And Specifications Including Compact Portable And Countertop

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Haier Portable Dishwasher

haier hdt18pa dishwasher

Haier HDT18PA diahwasher 17 in. haier countertop dishwasher

Perfect for a small apartment holding four full place settings plus flatware in a separate basket. It offers three wash cycles a rinse-and-hold option, and optional drying. A beep signals the end of both washing and drying, while upper and lower spray arms provide thorough cleaning. The 1250-watt appliance shuts off when the door is opened, an alarm sounds if a problem occurs, and another automatic feature stops operation if the water overflows. Installing the dishwasher is simple: the water hose connects to a sink faucet (connector included), and another hose drains into the sink.
Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Electronic
Number of Wash Cycles: 3 Cycles
Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying
Place Settings: 4
Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer
Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
Other Features
Anti Flooding Device: With Anti Flooding Device
Door Integration: Semi Integrated
Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height
Depth: 19.5 in.
Height: 21.25 in.
Width: 17.38 in.

“Good things do come in small packages. Before purchasing my Haier drawer dishwasher I carefully researched the product then ordered one online from Wal-Mart. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it works and looks exactly like a full-sized dishwasher, only smaller. It stores in a space 18″ wide by approximately 22″ in height. Mine tucked right under my overhead cabinets with a half inch to spare. It should be noted that it does have enough weight and bulk that it wouldn’t be convenient to carry back and forth. If you use a side table the hoses are of generous length.
This is an attractive appliance with a touch-button panel located at the bottom center below the door. The door has a leak-proof seal. There are 3 cycles: Rinse, Regular and Heavy Duty. It also pre-heats the wash water. The drying cycle is not heated but I’ve found that if my tap water is hot the last rinse leaves enough residual heat to partially dry the dishes.

The unit holds a surprising amount of dishes, even some pots and pans. When finished it beeps six times. If you open the door during a cycle the beeper will sound until the door is securely latched.
It does an excellent job of cleaning the dishes if they are correctly positioned, unless there is an accumulation of dried or baked on food. Pots and baking dishes wash fairly well but better if pre-soaked and placed flat on the rack. The silverware holder takes up some space but is removable if you need more space.
The rack prongs seem oddly configured in one spot but it’s a minor inconvenience. The prongs are bendable. Use care with loading so that nothing interferes with rotating washer blades. If something falls through the rack, the whole rack comes out and rolls back in very easily.
After a year of regular use I have had no problems at all. One note: it’s advisable to allow cycles to finish rather than interrupting one cycle to start another. If you want to choose a different cycle, unplug the machine for a few minutes and then start over.
With reasonable care this washer should perform reliably for an indefinite time. My Haier portable size dishwasher has performed better than expected and I highly recommend it.”

“This product has done well by us. We have had our dishwasher for almost a year and no problems. Yes, sometimes there is an occasional dish that does not come out clean, however, this is usually the case with all dishwashers. We have no problems with the wheels, no problems with the service and solved the hose storage problem by screwing metal clips to the lip on the top-back of the machine. It is not as large as other machines, but isn’t that the point? The machine is so convenient due to it’s size, we can’t say anything bad about it. This is our first dishwasher and we did have to call customer service for help during set-up, but they were very helpful and we got it up and running right away. There’s plenty of room in this machine though you can’t wash more than 3 standard size dinner plates at once due to the height of the bottom shelf… but don’t plan to have a large dinner party and cram it in this apartment size machine, and you’ll be o.k.”

haier dishwasher

Haier ESD210 / ESD211 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Push Button
Number of Wash Cycles: 5 Cycles
Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying
Place Settings: 12
Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer
Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
Other Features
Water Use (Normal Cycle): 4 Gallons
Noise Level: 55 DB
Door Integration: Semi Integrated
Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height
Performance Features
Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star
ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes
Depth: 23.25 in.
Height: 35.5 in.
Width: 23.63 in.

“Bought this on a recommendation from a bro in law as a cheaper version of a Bosch.
On a scale of 1-10 I would give it an 8 3/4 – 9.
It is very quiet. It has a 2 motor design that allows top rack washing only – more efficient than most. It has convection drying – keeps all the moisture inside the stainless tub.
The only reason I would not give it a 10 was it was a bit harder to install than US brands as the rear level legs are non accessible from the front – necessitating one to slip the unit out from under the counter a few times to get it level – not a biggie. On the other hand the fill and drain are all at the back – makes it easy to check for leaks out from under the counter completely – while running.
The unit is fully enclosed with painted metal sides and back covering the insulation. If someone put a butcher block top on it, it could be a free standing unit – with proper precautions, of course – to make sure it did not tip over with the door open.
The top rack – initially was a disappointment as there no real vertical tines to hold stuff secure as the older Whirlpool I replaced had. It was just getting used to the way it loads, and now it is fine – if not actually better. The plastic parts inside may be suspect in a couple of areas. The tube that brings water to the middle spray arm (under the top rack) came apart a couple of times due to it sticking a bit at the back rubber inlet seal. It is easily replaceable, and I will eventually do so – but for now I just attached a black plastic tie to secure it better, and it is fine. (I may not even worry about replacing it) :).
Overall a quiet unit, well made & efficient. I bought mine from Buy.com and it came on time and undamaged (due to excellent packaging by Haier).
A great option I feel is the best dishwasher at a lot less money than a Bosch.”

“I purchased this dishwasher for my mother, because it had all the features of the more expensive dishwashers but the price was only $188, so I thought how can I lose. The entire time before installation, I had my doubts about this dishwasher, but once installed I was very impressed. The installation went very easily. The instructions gave me a list of things that I would need. All very basic things that you need to install a dishwasher. Once installed it was quiet, not as quiet as I was hoping for, but it better the her previous dishwasher. The interesting part of this dishwasher is it has an power on/off button, most don’t have this feature. As far as easy to use, it was very easy to use once you learned how to select the setting you want. One thing to note, the instructions recommends not to use cake detergent.

I am actually thinking of going out and buying one of these for my self to replace a working Maytag that I have.”

haier dishwashers

ESD310 Tall Tub Dishwasher with Electronic Controls

Tall-tub, Stainless Steel Interior
Countdown Timer
1-12 Hour Delay Start
6 Wash Cycles
Sanitized Rinse
High-temperature Wash
Food Particle Sensor
Heated Dry
Water Temperature Boost
6 Wash Levels / 3 Wash Arms
Nylon Racks
14 Place Settings
4 Cup Shelves with Stemware Holder
4 Fold-down Tines in Upper Rack
4 Fold-down Tines in Lower Rack
Removable Full-length Silverware Basket
Hard Food Disposer
Triple Filtration System
Cancel and Drain
6 Position Rinse Aid Dispenser
Delayed Start
Dual Pump Multi-Direction Wash System

Haier Dishwashers Reviews

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Haier Dishwasher

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