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The first documented evidence of a working dishwasher dates back to 1850 with a patent given to Joel Houghton who made a crude splashing device attached to a wooden tub and operated by hand. Another patent in 1965 given to L.A. Alexander involved placing dishes within a rack submerged in water which was spun through gears linked to a handle. Both device’s were completely wooden, unreliable and not very efficient but did pave the way for future machines.

John Fitch found fame for inventing the steamboat and had a grandaughter called Josephine Cochrane who held many social gatherings at her home. Her entertaining however came at a cost in expensive crockery which she liked to use but was often broken while the servants cleaned up and washed the dishes. Upset with this and with no alternative available she decided to design and build a dishwasher machine to wash her dishes without damaging them. Having studied engineering through her grandfather she set about this task and came up with dishwasher where a wheel containing the dishes in a wire mesh frame sat in a boiler of hot soapy water. Using gears which could be hand or power driven through a pulley system the wheel could be spun within the boiler while at the same time water was pumped from the boiler to shower down onto the dishes as well.This worked well and she decided to show it off.

Chicago hosted the 1893 world fair and Josephine Cochrane entered her machine where it easily won the first prize and more importantly got noticed by people in the catering and hotel business. A factory was built to produce these machines as soon as Josephine got it patented as many orders had come in from restaurants and hotels for her dishwasher. This factory was to be the start off Kitchenaid which grew into a major appliance manufacturer and still is today.

Many other companies sprung up making their own version of a dishwasher some successful and others not. It was not until permanent indoor plumbling was introduced in the 1920′s that any major change took place when manufacturers decided to try to build a machine that could be used in a normal home. Until now only the wealthy and businesses could afford the asking price for these appliances which were large and unsuitable for most home sized kitchens. William Howard Livens built the first home sized dishwasher in 1937 which was similar to what we use today with a front loading metal device and a wire mesh basket loading basket.In 1940 the last key element was introduced which was an internal heating element which now meant the machine was completely self contained. Over the decades till today the dishwasher has grown smaller, cheaper and more efficient and can now be found in homes across the world as a normal feature in a modern kitchen.

A large range is available today with many big name manufacturers like Whirlpool, Bosch Maytag, GE and many other creating a very competitive market.

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