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Asko Dishwasher Reviews And Specifications

This page contains information on Asko dishwasher appliances.

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Asko Dishwashers

asko dishwasher

Asko D3112 24 in. Portable Dishwasher

The D3112 is a standard control model that comes in white, black, bisque and stainless steel. The easy-to-use control system offers one-touch access to its four programs. It remembers the last program used so you just press “Start” to run it again. To change the program, just push the Program button and advance through the selections. It also has a light that shows the unit’s progress through the cycles.
Dishwasher Type: Portable
Control Type: Push Button
Number of Wash Cycles: 4 Cycles
Drying Type: Thermal Drying
Place Settings: 12
Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer
Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
Other Features
Door Integration: Semi Integrated
Adjustable Rack Height: With Adjustable Rack Height
Performance Features
ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes
Depth: 24 in.
Height: 35.5 in.
Width: 24 in.

“We had to replace a Bosch dishwasher and were limited by the under-counter height of 33″ in our search for a new machine. Many dishwashers require a greater height for installation. We decided for the least expensive machine from the line of Asko dishwashers because we are very impressed with a recently purchased Asko clothes washer and because Asko offers a 3-year warranty. This washer has only two control buttons. On the first button you select the program (heavy, regular, quick, rinse and hold). The water temperature is automatically selected for each program (hottest for heavy, hot for regular, warm for quick, cold for rinse). Each program except rinse comes with two temperature choices, regular and econo, which is a lower temperature, and you select regular or econo on the second button that also serves to start the machine. Pretty simple, eh? Some machines have many more options, but we figured all we ever do is wash the dishes, so why pay for all the additional, often confusing programs?
Despite the low height of the machine both racks accommodate taller items than our old dishwasher. This is really great as we can finally put our large dinner plates in the dishwasher. Both racks are cleverly designed. The tines are cleverly arranged, and we can load more in the Asko than we could in the Bosch. The cutlery basket can be moved which makes it easier to put pots or pans in the bottom rack. It also has a compartment that can be closed with a lid, which is good for really small, light items. The top rack has a fold-down cup rack, which can also accommodate wine glasses at an angle, which we find extremely helpful. The water is heated to the programmed temperature with an out-of-sight heating coil in the recirculation plumbing, not one inside the washer cabinet. This can avoid melting plastic items if they get blown down from the racks, which hasn’t happened so far in our use.
We always use the regular program at the regular temperature. We have soft water and use only about 1.5 teaspoons full of Costco detergent for the main wash, and less than a teaspoon for the prewash. We use a rinse aid in the rinse aid dispenser, which can be adjusted to six different levels of release of the rinse aid, depending on water hardness. We are using it on the lowest level because of our soft water. All items, china, glass, pots, plastic, come out sparkling clean with no streaks or films, and everything is completely dry. The inside of the cabinet shows no grime, the stainless steel appears spotless. The washer operates very, very quietly, you can barely hear it from a few feet away. We have the black front, which looks absolutely terrific because it is not a high-gloss, cheap looking surface.
The Asko washer uses a standard 110V plug and needs to be hooked up to the hot water supply. If the water isn’t hot enough for the selected program, it is automatically heated to the appropriate level.
After one month, we are 100% satisfied with our purchase.”

“Having moved from a house where I had a Bosch dishwasher, I was not sure what I’d think of the Asko that this new house has. I am pleasantly surprised! Though not as dead silent as the Bosch, it is still extremely quiet. The silverware basket can be placed in several different places in the bottom tray or removed completely for unloading (or if you have a really large pot to wash and don’t want the basked in at all). I have found that I can fit quite a lot of dishes in the bottom tray but the layout of the upper tray is not quite as flexible. Still, space is adequate and intuitive – where the glasses should go and where bowls should go in order to clean best. What has impressed me is the warranty service. Although I am not the original purchaser, this dishwasher was only 1 year old when I moved in. The previous owner left me all of the paperwork and receipts so when the unit wasn’t draining (turns out there were clogged filters) properly, I called for service and the entire thing was covered under warranty even though it was technically user error. Which brings me to my only real negative about this. You MUST rinse dishes before putting them in. Though the filter system is easy to access and clean, you’ll get much better results if you rinse first.”

asko dishwashers

Asko D1776 Stainless Steel Built-in Dishwasher

The D1776 blends in beautifully in professional-style kitchens. Like any ASKO, it is quiet. It has more stainless steel components, 20% more capacity, superb cleaning without pre-rinsing, adjustable shelves, four programs, two wash and rinse temperature options, and a child-safety door latch. The exclusive ASKO Turbo Fan Interval Drying System produces 100% dry dishes every load. Available in black, white and stainless steel. It also accepts custom door panels and installs in standard cabinet openings.

“I’ve had my ASKO for about 6 months and cannot say enough good things about it. Although it has several settings for washing, I have yet to need the “pots & pans” cycle – that’s how well it cleans. No need to pre-clean items. One of the best features is the removable lower rack. By taking this out, you have room for the largest of pans, as in turkey roaster. The remaining lower rack will still allow you to load a full set of plates, bowls, etc. The silverware basket comes out for easy put away of clean silverware. It is so quiet, you can easily talk on the phone or have a conversation while it runs. I have saved money on my gas bills, because I’m using less hot water, too. This is because the dishwasher itself heats the water to the needed temperature for best cleaning, not by a timer, but by measuring actual water temperature. The stainless interior remains gleaming clean, even in my hard western Pennsylvania hard water.
In short, it is worth every penny.”

“We had this washer before we moved and we really miss it. It did its job brilliantly, looked great, was well built and chugged along. After we moved we got a Fisher Paykel which is only useful as an expensive dish cabinet.”

asko dishwasher review

Asko D3531XLHD Stainless Steel 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

The D3531XLHDSS is a hidden-control unit with push button and a LCD display that shows the eight program names, time remaining, temperatures and options. It also remembers the last program used and will operate in multiple languages. This model comes with a stainless steel front and a straight handle. The convenient End-of-Program tone, with volume control, sounds when the cycle is complete.The exclusive PowerZone wash system cleans your toughest items. While one jet shoots water up directly into crusty pots and pans, another aims down at cutlery. And their patented Super Cleaning System gives you noticeably cleaner dishes with no hand rinsing. With a self-cleaning triple filtration system and wash and rinse temperatures up to 176;F, no residential dishwasher zaps germs better.
Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Electronic
Number of Wash Cycles: 10 Cycles
Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying · Thermal Drying
Place Settings: 12
Food Disposer: With Food Disposer
Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
Other Features
Door Integration: Fully Integrated
Adjustable Rack Height: Without Adjustable Rack Height
Performance Features
Energy Efficiency Rating: Energy Star
ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes
Depth: 25.63 in.
Height: 34.38 in.
Width: 24 in.

“I just installed this unit this week, and the performance is amazing.
The unit weighs considerable more than the Fisher-Paykel it replaced, and the entire thing is stainless steel, not just the door or interior, the whole thing.
The sliding trays are the highest quality, and well thought out.
To say it’s silent is an understatment.
The dishes came out very clean, so clean that you feel like you can’t drop them, they stick to your fingers!
I’m very pleased.”

“For years we always had Kitchen Aid dishwashers till I saw the Asko drawer dishwasher at a friends place. The last Kitchen Aid I had was called the “quiet scrub” but sounded like a cement mixer so when we built our new home we bought the Asko.
I tried my friends machine and liked it because it fit in a large commercial style kitchen we built in our new home.

The Asko is extremely quiet and has good design features. We liked the fact that it had an on/off button to turn it off when we went away, hidden buttons and a beautiful stainless finish.
The main reason for buying it was the short wash cycle which other machines did not have at the time.

But the actual cleaning has been very erratic. Sometimes everything comes out clean and perfect and other times the dishes and glassware have a soapy film and have to be rewashed.
And I have tried many different brands of soap but nothing helps. There is usually soap left over in the soap container even though the water has been tested and is hot enough.
A company tech gave me some advice over the phone- like using a whole bottle of white vinegar to clean the machine and to use only dry powdered dishwasher soap to no avail.

Since I live in a rural area the appliance store tech has to travel almost an hour and has made several trips to try and remedy this problem and since its over a year old there is a charge each time.
Since we have a well they thought that was the problem but it turned out it was not.
We have a lot of guests and so I struggle along with it, rinse the dishes which I never had to do before with other machines and add an extra rinse at the end.
I am contemplating selling it on Craigs list and going back to a noisy machine that really cleans the dishes but it cost us a lot of $$$.”

asko dishwasher reviews

Asko D1716 Built-in Dishwasher

The D1716 blends in beautifully in professional-style kitchens. It is quiet. It has more stainless steel components, 20% more capacity, superb cleaning without pre-rinsing, adjustable shelves, seven wash programs, two wash and rinse temperature options, and a child-safety door latch. Its exclusive Turbo Fan Interval Drying System produces 100% dry dishes every load. Available in black, white and stainless steel, and accepts custom door panels. It installs in standard cabinet openings and is covered by ASKOs 3-Year, Bumper-to-Bumper, No-Hassle Warranty.
Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Push Button · Rotary Dial
Number of Wash Cycles: 7 Cycles

“I read reviews; spoke with service people; looked in showrooms -and- eventually bought an Asko D1716, which has a dial control and a fan to dry the dishes.

The machine that I bought was a floor model and I picked it up for $700, which was about $50 less than the best price I could find on the Internet.

I installed it myself (first time I had installed a dishwasher) and the installation went well. There were clear, specific and easy to follow instructions included with the dishwasher. During the installation, I recognized that the machine was very well designed and manufactured. All my previous investigation had been from the user end (front door, inside) and I had not seen any of the mechanical end. One feature that impressed me was a full drip/evaporation pan under the dishwasher, mounted several inches off the floor. This should help save the floor from minor leaks if they ever occur.

Asko uses a lot of insulation both on the machine and the mounting panels. The insulation on the machine looks like extremely thick tarpaper and the front panels have thick foam rubber on them. They also include additional side panels that make the fit in the hole in the cabinets very snug. All this makes this dishwasher EXTREMELY quiet.

The operating instructions are clear about not using too much detergent. One tablespoon is all that is required to clean the dishes. This is far less than our old dishwasher took. The Asko also consumes the minimum of both water and electricity (another main reason I selected it).

Racks seem to be a big point of contention in dishwashers. Asko?s racks are nicely designed and have some flexible options. The top rack has flip down shelves that you can use to hold stemware (wine glasses, etc?) or put small bowls (or other items you can lay down) on. The bottom rack has a removable plate holder so you can put very large items in the bottom. The coating on the racks is sort of interesting and purports to be ?graphite impregnated?. I guess this is for durability.

Even though I had listened to these machines run in the showroom, I found myself surprised at how quiet it was. Sometimes I can?t even tell it is on. Literally, the loudest sound it makes is the water going down the drain!

Our dishes emerge spotless with only minor pre-rinsing. Because this is a European design washer, there is no hard food disposer so we don?t let the big pieces of food stay on the dishes. Overall, this dishwasher gets our dishes much cleaner than our Kitchen Aide machine with a fraction of the detergent, water, electricity and noise. Not a bad deal!

Would I recommend an Asko? Absolutely! This is one of the best dishwasher purchases I have ever made. The only thing that could make me happier is if it continues to clean our dishes for the next 25 years like the old Kitchen Aide did.”

“I have had this machine for three years. It performs flawlessly when used properly. Like another reviewer, I experienced poor cleaning performance. I contacted my dealer who referred me back to the use and care guide. It turns out I was not using enough detergent. My dishes now come out clean and bright every time.”

asco dishwasher

Asko D3122XL 24 in. Built-in Dishwasher

The D3122XL (Tall Tank) is a standard control model that comes in white, black and TouchProof™ stainless steel. It features the same style simple control that is used in the D3112 except that it has two option buttons and the added feature of the Turbo Fan™ drying system.
Dishwasher Type: Built-in
Control Type: Electronic
Number of Wash Cycles: 4 Cycles
Drying Type: Economy / Air Drying
Place Settings: 12
Food Disposer: Without Food Disposer
Sound Insulation: With Sound Insulation
Performance Features
ENERGY STAR Qualification: Yes
Depth: 24 in.
Height: 37 in.
Width: 24 in.

“The Asko D3122 replaced an old Maytag dishwasher, as part of a kitchen remodel.  We had been thinking about getting a Bosch, but our favorite local appliance dealer sells the Asko and convinced us to buy it.

The Asko’s main claims to fame are internal heating and a stainless steel interior shell.  The internal heating means that there is no exposed heater;  the heater is part of the water recirculation plumbing.  This allows the dishwasher to maintain good control of the water temperature.  The downside is no forced-heat drying, but we rarely used that anyway.  (The only fast-dry cycle available on this Asko depends on an elevated rinse water temperature.)   The stainless steel interior is supposed to be super smooth to eliminate food and bacteria traps.  (and it sure looks good!)

The controls are simple and obvious.  There are heavy, normal, light, and rinse-and-hold cycles.  There is a normal or economy wash temperature option, and a normal and economy dry option.  (As noted above, the “normal” dry option actually runs an extra hot final rinse.  There’s no heated dry cycle in this Asko.)

As far as we’re concerned, the function of a dishwasher is to wash dishes, and the Asko does a spectacular job.  There is no doubt that dishes come out cleaner than the old Maytag ever managed, and that’s with a bare minimum of pre-rinsing.  At first, we were getting a little bit of streaking, but after checking the manual it turned out that we were actually adding too much detergent.  Cutting back on the detergent fixed things.  We usually run normal wash and economy dry.  You still have to towel dry the concave bottoms of glasses in the top rack, but I’ve never ever met a dishwasher that completely dried concave glass bottoms — no matter what kind of dry cycle it had.

The Asko is quiet, but not anything special.  The drain cycle is quite loud, although I’m sure that’s due to the way the drain was plumbed, and not anything intrinsic to the dishwasher.  Fortunately the drain only takes a few seconds.

If we had any complaint, it would be that the lower rack doesn’t really have any good way to load larger items such as Corning-ware (or equivalent) or serving bowls.  These items end up on top, where they take up a lot of space.  On the other hand, the lower rack can load at least twice as many plates and pasta or dessert bowls as the old Maytag, so it’s a trade-off.  The silverware basket is somewhat undersized which might be a problem for a larger family;  we are down to the two of us so it’s not an issue.

Overall, the Asko is a super performer with only a few minor issues.  It’s early yet but there have been no maintenance problems.”

“We purchased this new dishwasher after our Bosch somehow fried its electronics one day and the repairman told us that a replacement control panel would cost almost 2/3rds of a new machine. Until then, I quite liked the Bosch but I certainly shied away when it came time to look for a replacement.
Most of the machines in this price range offer high performance. What made us decide on this machine was the reputation of the manufacturer, the longer warranty, the quietness, and the low energy/water consumption.
Added bonuses are the clean, uncluttered face and the main power button that is hidden from the children.
The ASKO dealer in the region was offering no discounts at the time and was selling every single one that came in immediately. I was told I could get a package discount if I purchased multiple appliances but we didn’t need any others.
I looked around and did not find a better price. In fact, I had wanted to purchase the cheapest ASKO model but the dealer was sold out for 2 months. He gave me the option of waiting, or paying $100 more for the Turbo Drying model. Hand washing and drying our families’ dishes was becoming a little tiresome so we opted to spend the extra $100.
I have absolutely no qualms about the cleaning ability of this machine. In fact, it works so well that we often run loads in the “glasses/light” mode to save energy and the dishes are spotless.
I only wish it had the cutlery rack on top like the Miele models. Narrow items like plastic straws for the kids fall through the regular cutlery basket.
One last caveat, the drying cycle with the Turbo Drying on takes quite long.”

Asko Dishwasher Reviews

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Asko Dishwasher

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