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Dishwasher Reviews

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Dishwasher Appliances

A hand operated version with the first patent recorded  appeared back in 1850 a crude inefficient wooden device made by Joel Houghton. Another device was patented in 1865 this time with a spinning basket invented by L Alexander although an improvement it still didn’t clean dishes very well.

Compare DishwashersJosephine Cochrane was a rich Illinois woman who held many functions at her home and frequently had to replace a lot of crockery broken by clumsy servants during washing. Fed up with this she invented the first real workable appliance in 1886. Being the granddaughter of the inventor of the steamboat John Fitch she had mechanical help and knowledge. She designed a basket to fit her crockery in securely which was placed inside a copper with a mechanism for forcing hot water and soap up over the crockery. This worked so well that seven years later she entered it in Chicago’s 1893 world fair were it won the top award. The design was then patented by her and went into production for restaurants and wealthy homeowners by a company which ultimately became kitchen  aid.

Other advancements made were permanent pluming introduced in the 1920’s and electric drying in 1940. The first reasonably sized home version was built in 1924 by William Liven but it wasn’t until the 1950’s  that they really started to be used in homes and only in a few but in the 70’s they started to become really popular.

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Drawer Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher AppliancesThese today are efficient simple mechanical devices consisting of a plastic or stainless steel front loading tub with a watertight door. A sliding basket or baskets depending on the model you buy hold the items in place while hot water generally about 60 degrees Celsius and detergent are sprayed on them to clean them. Because no skin comes in contact with soapy water during this process the detergents can be stronger than those used in hand washing items. After the wash the items are also rinsed to remove all traces of detergent from them.

Some drawer dishwasher appliances can have electric drying elements in them for fast drying and better hygiene. Another extra that can be found is an integrated waste disposal unit although some manufacturers like bosch don’t fit them as they go for designing quietness and disposal systems can be noisy. Some machines nowadays can even sense through the water when your items are clean.

Normal washing up liquid must never be used in these appliances as they are designed to be used with only special detergents and rinse aids. These detergents are formulated to help prevent limescale build up and don’t use chorine based bleach and contain anti rust agents to protect your machine.Rinse aid can be used to assist with drying and also helps to stop drying blotches from forming on your plates. Again this also helps to prevent limescale build up in your appliance.

Dishwasher Comparison

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Dishwasher Appliances

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